Monthly Staff Picks


chris Chris invites you back into the ring to take your smoking pleasure by the horns with the truly impressive L.F.D. Andalusian Bull. It may look imposing but this beast offers as much grace as power, charging in with thrillingly complex spice and richness in sublime harmony. If the woods are calling you, load your briar with a portion of Aspen Stroll. Chocolate and mint unite in this mellow wandering blend, exceptionally well suited to forging unexplored, mysterious trails.


aaron copy Nuanced earthiness awaits you in a tin of Brigham 110th. This intricate flake tobacco celebrates the success of one of Canada’s finest and we encourage you to find out what the fuss is about. Get a masterpiece at a reasonable price with the fine Italian craftsmanship of our sale priced Ser Jacopo pipes. These elegant pieces offer hefty bowls, certain to deliver hours of summertime relaxation while the days grow shorter. At 30% off you’d be a fool to deny yourself such wonders. The most popular hand-rolled Cuban cigar on earth is the Montecristo #4, and for good reason. Medium bodied and conveniently sized a Monte 4 capitalizes on almost any smoking opportunity, and turns it into an occasion.


cody1Get bold this August with the big flavour of the Camacho Triple Maduro. This is not a cigar to be underestimated, even seasoned enthusiasts should be warned not to take this stick too lightly. It packs a covert punch in a highly approachable dark, rich – fully maduro – package. Eat a damn big meal, find a comfortable crash seat, and fire up a powerhouse. If you’d rather take it easy, take your pipe on a leisurely drift down the Smokey River. Mild burley with gentle waves of smoke tinged chocolate will let you sail away in a delicate cloud of soothing, languid thought.


 In LOTR Frodo and his hobbit companions can’t wait to get back to the quiet life of the Shire, the Farthing more specifically. Smoking the Farthing feels a lot like coming home. This burley, Stoved Virginia blend is dark and rich and eminently satisfying. Canada is celebrating its 150th Anniversary! Brigham has come out with the Brigham Sesquicentennial pipe to commemorate this august event. This offering in red/white colours features a “Canadian” style pipe, a “last spike” tamper, and two commemorative 50 cent coins. Pick one up while they’re still available!