Monthly Staff Picks


chris We have some absolutely crazy deals on some delectable Dunhills. The Dunhill Aged, 1907, and Signed lines are all on sale for 20% off or more and only while quantities last. This may be the last time we see these incredible cigars so strike while the iron is hot! Plus if you buy 3 or more you will be entered into a draw to win a box of the astounding Dunhill Selecion Suprema. With deals like this April is sure to come in like a lion.


aaron copyAs Aaron is celebrating another rotation of the sun, he is looking to sit back and relax in his chair with a bowl of MacBaren Modern Virginia in his favourite Chacom pipe (most of which happen to be on sale in the store for the month). Later this month, he will be kicking back on a beach with a few of his favourite cigars, the Por Larranaga Picadore, and a nice glass of a fine Dominican rum.



cody1April means a change of season and you should treat yourself to something more substantial with the warmer weather approaching. The Davidoff Year of The Dog would make a fine indulgence for your refined tastes. Medium bodied and undeniably elegant, so if you are to have a Dog day you could certainly do no better than lounging with this wonder.

April also marks another dramatic change as I have reluctantly departed from the Burlington team in order to further pursue some lofty ambitions. This doesn’t mean I will be gone forever, and you will likely see me around more often than not. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chris, Aaron, Stephen and Anna for everything they do to make Burlington a truly special place. They have become my second family and I am grateful for everything they have taught me along our journey together. We have seen some incredible times and celebrated some amazing accomplishments thanks to their commitment to experimentation, tradition, and quality. We all also have a great deal to thank our loyal customers for, without you we could not have had such a receptive audience for all of our zany new concoctions, contests and wonderful events. You are the heart and soul of what makes Burlington such a unique institution! I will miss you all and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my absolute favourite spot, and home away from home. Cheers to you, smoke and enjoy!



Aspen Stroll is a minty pipe tobacco treat that is ideal for Spring days when the creeks are thawing out and rivulets are beginning to meander through the river valley.

If you’re into the cigar scene, then an Amazon Anaconda might be just the thing. This unique cigar on the medium-bodied side might be reminiscent of a tropical rainforest. The flavour shifts ever so slightly as you move through it, becoming a bit bolder. And one unique aspect of this full-size cigar is the tobacco band which is eminently smokeable.



Valhalla has sweet mint notes tinged with orchard fruit topped with peaty notes bringing it back down to earth. The vapour from Valhalla allows us mere mortals the opportunity to vibe with Odin & the Valkyries.

While not quite powerful enough to bring about Ragnarok, the Burlington Puffer from Vertigo does provide a pipe smoker with just the right amount of flame to ignite one’s bowl of tobacco. Not only does it have a handy side-angled flame, but it also comes with a built-in 3-piece pipe tool. This lighter also has a lifetime over-the-counter warranty, making it a no-brainer for any pipe enthusiast.