Monthly Staff Picks


chris One of the most talked about cigars in recent memory is the exquisite Cohiba Talismάn L.E. 2017. We now have stock of this sought after exemplar of the magic of the Cuban art form. Medium to full and elegantly complex, the next time you need to celebrate or impress there are few things that could match this rarefied beauty.


aaron copySettle in somewhere cozy and enjoy some comfort this February. The classic Monte Cristo #2 is a cigar that is hard to beat. Peppery and rich, this Cuban legend never fails to deliver flavour and body. The creamy maple sweetness of Autumn Evening would be a tremendous treat for your pipe, and makes a fine accompaniment for your favorite hot winter beverage.



cody1We are deep in the height of hibernation season, and it may seem like spring will never return. Pull out your long johns, fill up a thermos of something rummy and warm, then face the snow head on. Grab an H. Upmann Half Corona to keep you company in the frigid landscape. They are conveniently “winter sized” and are smooth, earthy and mellow to boot. When you return to your lair, a pipe full of Donnybrook will get your chilled blood pumping again. Infused with Irish stout and whiskey, this slow smoking blend will afford you the time to thaw your old weary bones just enough to worm your way back into your inviting blanket nest.


 Tolkien’s Shire is a peaceful, bucolic setting in his opus LOTR. The Farthing is a quiet corner of the Shire, home of Frodo Baggins, and one in which pipeweed is enjoyed on lazy afternoons or summery evenings. If you haven’t tried Burlington’s version of Farthing pipe tobacco, you definitely should. It is one of my year-round favourites. Oscura or Escurio are variants of the word “dark” in Spanish and Portuguese respectively.  Look for this term on a cigar in one of our humidors. The darker wrapper will likely be a little sweeter especially at first light and provide a rich, satisfying experience. Two great choices are the Mathilde Oscura and the Davidoff Escurio, both fine Dominican cigars.