Monthly Staff Picks


chris For December I repeat my recommendation for November. Check out our expanded collection of Drew Estates. Find a favourite and then come by on December 9 for a great deal on them. Speaking of great deals, we have ONE package featuring the Davidoff Year of the Dog. This one of a kind package includes: One box of these beautiful limited edition cigars, a splendid matching travel humidor and elegant punch cutter. The regular price for all these items combined would be $2000, on sale for $1600! If you have a Davidoff connoisseur on your list you will never find a more unique gift. Also, as part of our ongoing promotions as Canada’s 2017 Davidoff Merchant of the Year we have brought in some more of their recent releases and have a limited selection at 30% off – delve into some of these exquisite cigars at a very tempting price. We also have a limited number of pipes at 30% off in honour of our 30th anniversary, including some amazing Canadian style pipes made by one of our favourite Italian pipe makers, Lorenzetti. There are still a few cigars left in our 30% off selection as well, with some amazing deals to be had on some fantastic Cuban and Non Cuban offerings. May you all have a joyous December, and we wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2018!


aaron copySometimes the holidays are made more bearable when you have a little help. I suggest bourbon. If you need something to pair with your festivus fuel, escape by the fire with a bowl of Cornell and Diehl Bourbon Bleu. This complex Virginia based tobacco will put you in a very happy place. While you’re there you might find your trusted old briar a little lacking and envision an upgrade under the tree. Think happy thoughts and maybe you’ll luck out with a Chacom Flammee, these gorgeous French pipes come in a festive red…to match your eyes. When you head for a top up of your tidings tank stop by your humidor and hope that you had the foresight to load it with Camacho American Barrel Aged. One of those would go real nice right about now. Nothing pairs better with bourbon than more bourbon, and these medium bodied Honduran beauties are aged for 6 month in bourbon casks to add an element of maturity to your experience. Stay safe. Stay silent. Stay spirited.



cody1It is the holiday season and that means there is only one thing to recommend, you probably already know what I am talking about. The famed Santa’s Smoke is back in its new 2017 edition. This time around we have created a blend resplendent with the flavours of cherry, chocolate, and caramel with just a whisper of mint. Let this glorious smoke wander up your chimney to aid in luring any passing Kringles who might be on their rounds. Don’t forget to leave a bowl for the jolly fellow himself and a glass of the appropriate holiday spirit. You can get it in bulk, in collectible 2 ounce jars, or as part of our festive stocking stuffer packs. Have a peaceful holiday, and may you share the gift of time with all of those you hold dear!


 Once your stocking is hung by the chimney, with care, have a bowl of Dunhill Nightcap in your favourite chair. The rich fragrant plumes make a feast for your nose, and contentment will spread from your crown to your toes. While you puff on this pleasure and the feeling is ripe, sneak into a parcel and perchance…a new pipe! It turns out you now have a favourite daughter, for she’s gifted you with the Elements, “Water”. This new pipe from Brigham is the third of the set! You’ve the Fire, the Earth (the Air isn’t out…yet). Now tuck it away, wipe a tear from your eyes. You’ll need the rest of the night to practice surprise. Have a bowl of delight, you don’t need a reason, to smoke and enjoy this holiday season.