Dear Customers,

We wanted to start off by thanking each and every one of you for your support and business over the last several weeks. These have been trying times for all of us and we appreciate you all very much.

Starting on June 1, 2020, we will be finally opening our doors (sort of). We strongly encourage all of our customers to visit our website ( and check out both the cigar & tobacco menus there before visiting. We will permit 1 party of up to 2 people to enter the store to browse for up to 15 minutes. While they’re in the store, the door will be locked and a sign will be put up to let other waiting customers know that we will be with them shortly. Customers will be permitted to browse around but no handling of any product will be permitted. Staff will handle all products inside the store, including the passing of jars of bulk tobacco for customers to smell. If necessary, the light will be turned on in the humidor but only staff will be allowed inside. If a customer wishes to purchase a pipe, we will help narrow down the selection to 1 or 2 pipes. Once the customer uses some hand sanitizer, they will be allowed to handle those select pipes. Any pipes handled but not purchased will be both sanitized and quarantined before they’re put back out for general selection. Once the customer is finished, we will unlock the door and let the next customer in the store.

While we are ending doing deliveries on May 30, we will continue to offer our curbside pickup service & mail order. Orders placed in this way can be done via phone (780-439-8519), email (, text (780-242-4335), or via Facebook Messenger. This has proven to be a very popular option among all customers and we strongly encourage people to take advantage of it.

We appreciate the patience that you have all shown us during these difficult times. We are all doing our best, and as things change, we will continue to evaluate our operations. If we decide to make any additional changes, we will make sure to keep you all informed!


Thank you all from the Burlington on Whyte Tobacconist Crew!