LE Cuban Cigars

As these cigars are all produced in limited quantities; our inventory is subject to change.



Bolìvar Soberanos Edición Limitada 2018

Referred to as the Duke in Cuban cigar factories, the Bolìvar Soberanos is the first Robusto Extra in the Bolìvar lineup. This full-flavoured cigar allows for the aficionado to enjoy a very balanced and strong cigar.

Size: Duke (Robusto Extra)

Ring Gauge: 54

Length: 5.5″



Romeo y Julieta Tacos Edicìon Limitada 2018 

The Romeo y Julieta Edicìon Limitada 2018 Tacos is an old vitola from the 1970s called the Tacos Imperiales that has been reissued for this limited edition cigar. These large cigars are really starting to come into their own and given another year or two of aging, will prove to be an even bigger hit.

Size: Tacos Imperiales (Grand Corona)

Ring Gauge: 49

Length: 6.6″



Diplomáticos Norteños Edición Regional Canadá

With only 6000 boxes of 10 cigars made, the Diplomáticos Norteños is the the first regional edition released for Canada in 4 years. The Norteños(spanish for Northern) has the newer Diplomáticos band and is a cigar that should have a place in every aficionado’s humidor!

Size: Robustos (Robusto)

Ring Gauge: 50

Length: 4.9″

Release Year: 2018



Cohiba Talismán Edición Limitada 2017

The Talismán name is mysterious, evocative, and easily recognizable in many languages as something that is quintessentially extraordinary, amazing, and that brings good luck & protection to mankind. This couples up perfectly with tobacco’s magical and ritualistic origin, whose first ever name, coined by the Taíno Indians of Cuba, was Cohiba. The Cohiba Talismán should age very well in any connoisseur’s humidor.

Size: Cañonazo Doble (Robusto Extra)

Ring Gauge: 54

Length: 6.1″



Partagás Series No.1 Edición Limitada 2017

A new special release size for Partagás, the Partagás Series No.1. The production size of Noblezas, German for “nobility”, fits this cigar to a T. Dark and oily, they will prove to be a big hit for the few regal years that they’re around.

Size: Nobelzas (Robusto Extra)

Ring Gauge: 52

Length: 5.4″



Hoyo de Monterrey Añejados Hermosos No.4

Through the aging process, the Hoyo de Monterrey Añejados Hermosos No.4 has developed, becoming rounder and mellower to the palate with touches of delicate and sweetish taste. Above all, it has obtained shades of woody taste from being aged 5-8 years in cedar before being packaged.

Size: Hermosos No.4 (Corona Extra)

Ring Gauge: 48

Length: 5.0″



H. Upmann Sir Winston Grand Reserva Cosecha 2011

The H. Upmann Sir Winston Grand Reserva Cosecha 2011 inaugurates the Grand Reserva concept for the brand after having presented its first Reserva with the H. Upmann No.2 in 2014. This is a long and pleasing cigar which combines the soft to medium strength flavour of the blend with the delicate and aromatic character that the aging of the leaves provides.

Size: Julieta No.2 (Churchill)

Ring Gauge: 47

Length: 7.0″

Release Year: 2017



Romeo y Julieta Capuletos Edición Limitada 2016

First launched in the fall of 2016 in Verona, Italy (the city in which Shakespear’s Romeo and Juliet takes place), this unique size is only used for edición limitadas. These medium to full-bodied cigars will be a great addition to any aficionados humidor!

Size: Sobresalientes

Ring Gauge: 53

Length: 6.0”



Montecristo Dantés Edición Limitada 2016

The first hermoso launched within the Montecristo portfolio, these medium-bodied cigars are named after the lead character Edmundo Dantés from the Count of Montecristo.

Size: Hermosos No.1

Ring Gauge: 48

Length: 6.6″



La Escepción Don José Edición Regional Italia:

Out of production since the late 1980’s, the brand was resurrected in 2011 for an Edición Limitada for the Italian market. The 2015 version is named after the founder of the brand, Don José Gener y Batet, who also founded the Hoyo de Monterrey marca. These highly sought after cigars have been blended to replicate the flavour of La Escepción in the 1960’s using currently available tobacco.

Size: Hermosos No.4

Ring Gauge: 48

Length: 5.0”

Release Year: 2015



Montecristo 80 Aniversario

First announced at the Festival del Habano in 2015, this cigar was released to commemorate the founding of the Montecristo marca in 1935. This completely unique vitola has intense but well-balanced flavours and comes packed in an elegant box finished in a carmelite lacquer.

Size: Double Robusto

Ring Gauge: 55

Length: 6.5”

Release Year: 2015


Montecristo Churchills Añejados :

The second release in the Añejados line, the Montecristo Churchills Añejados have been box aged. This will afford the cigars a mellow & more refined taste.

Size: Julieta No.2

Ring Gauge: 47

Length: 7”

Romeo y Julieta Pirámides Añejados:

Of the Añejados, a collection of Cuban cigars aged five to eight years in the original box, the RyJ Pirámides Añejados are the first to be released. All boxes are marked with the original roll date as well as the revised stamp to indicate date of release. Made in the dimensions of the discontinued RyJ Pirámides, these will a great medium-bodied smoke for the lovers of vintage cigars.

Size: Pirámides

Ring Gauge: 52

Length: 6 1/5”