Tinned Tobacco

Legend Series Maritime Morning

Blended as a replacement for the Dunhill “Early Morning Pipe”, this mild English blend can be enjoyed all day long.

Legend Series Acadian Blend

An alternate to Dunhill’s “Elizabethan Mixture”, this blend is a mixture of dark Virginias blended with high quality Perique for added flavour.

Legend Series Hudson’s Bay

An alternative to the Dunhill “Royal Yacht”, a blend of thick broken flake Virginia as well as  Dark & Stoved Virginias.

Legend Series Heritage Blend

An alternative to one of the most popular tobaccos of all time, Dunhill’s “My Mixture 965”. A deep, rich English blend with a subtle nuttiness.

Legend Series Aurora Borealis

An alternative to Dunhill’s “Nightcap”, this thick, full-bodied blend is sure to satisfy all lovers of Latakia.

Solani Aged Burley Flake

This blended flake contains dark brown Burley from Kentucky, light Burley from Brazil, and white Burley from Malawi.

Solani Viginia Flake

A matured Virginia, pressed & sliced into flakes, with premium Perique.

Solani Blend 127gn

Double fermented Black Cavendish combined with broad bright and ripe Red Virginias produce a cool smoke. A touch of apple flavor is added.

Erinmore Mixture

The recipe for Erinmore Mixture is a closely guarded secret which is revealed to only two people in each generation. It is known, however, that the tobaccos are selected from the premier tobacco growing regions of the world, naturally sweetened bright Virginia is hand blended with cool-smoking black Cavendish to produce the unique flavor and distinctive aroma of Erinmore. More than that we cannot reveal. A mellow aromatic tobacco with a cool taste and a slow-burning easy-smoking style.

MacBaren Vanilla Cream

A colorful blend mixed with cut plugs. Made from specially selected and aged Virginia and mild black Cavendish tobaccos blended with an exceptional vanilla flavour. This selection creates an outstanding blend with superior flavor, unique aroma and distinctive taste experience.

MacBaren H H Bold Kentucky

This is the strongest pipe tobacco among the blends in the Mac Baren range and is not recommended for inexperienced pipe smokers. HH Bold Kentucky contains a high amount of the finest dark fired Kentucky from the USA and Africa, and is combined with bright Virginias to soften the taste just a bit. Still the taste is of earthiness with just a slight nuance of sweetness as the underlying taste, which comes from the leaf itself and the hot press, which marries the different tobaccos together. Like all the other HH blends this blend has only an absolute minimum of casing and no top flavor at all.

MacBaren Dark Twist

Whole leaves are used as wrapper for the rope and the inlay is divided into two groups. The first group contains 100% pure Virginia tobaccos, meaning that the whole leaves are used as wrapper leaves and the leaves with small imperfections are used as the inlay. The second group contains whole Virginia leaves as wrapper and Dark Fired Kentucky as inlay, meaning you see the dark tobacco in the centre and the brighter Virginias around it. After the tobaccos have been spun into ropes it is stored for weeks and then cut into small coins. The blend of MacBaren Dark Twist is broken down as follows. For every 2 coins of Virginia tobacco there is 1 coin with a centre of Dark Fired Kentucky. Like most of MacBaren spun tobaccos, water and maple sugar are boiled and added to the tobacco. This is all that is added, so the taste is very natural with the interplay between the natural sweet Virginias and light sour and smoky flavour from the Dark Fired Kentucky perfectly blended to create a natural tobacco taste.

MacBaren Plumcake

A mixture of fully ripe Virginia tobaccos, sliced, cask mellowed Burley tobaccos, dark spicy Cavendish and just a touch of Latakia give MacBaren Plumcake an elegant aroma the blend has been flavoured with aged Jamaica Rum.

Cornell & Diehl Autumn Evening

A proprietary Red Virginia Cavendish lightly cased with a delicate vanilla/maple flavour provides a rich & creamy aromatic.

Cornell & Diehl Pirate Kake

A smooth, robust blend with LOTS (75%!) of exceptional Latakia accompanied by Turkish and Burley. A Latakia lover’s treasure!

Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding

Latakia joins along with Turkish Orientals, Virginias, Cavendish, & Perique in this full-bodied Balkan style flake that many pipe smokers have described as the perfect blend.

Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding Bourbon Barrel Aged

World famous original Plum Pudding packed into charred oak Kentucky bourbon barrels, aged 30 days, then pressed into crumble cakes. The result? A heavenly marriage of spirits & among the best Balkan blends ever made.

Seattle Pipe Club Mississippi River

A blend that appeared to the late Master Blender Joe Lankford in a dream, he awoke from his sleep and quickly scribbled down the recipe for Mississippi River. A Virginia blend like no other, it uses rich Virginias pressed in cakes along with Orientals, a pinch of Latakia, & a pinch of Perique. This gives the blend a smooth, creamy, & appropriately sweet flavour along with hints of dried fruit, a touch of dark chocolate, & light smoke.

Seattle Pipe Club Mississippi River Rum Barrel Aged

Master Blender Joe Lankford knows rum pairs very well with his world famous Mississippi River. “I’ve been daydreaming about this Rum Barrel edition for a long time.” Joe’s original Mississippi River is packed into oak rum barrels, aged 30 days, pressed into cakes and crumble kake cut. The result? A perfect marriage of rum essence with his classic Virginia style blend.

Seattle Pipe Club Potlatch

Enjoy this is lavish mixture of seven rare ingredients: black cavendish, luxurious burley, Cyprian latakia, bright Virginias, Turkish, Orientals, & Acadian Perique. It is named after the traditional Northwest Indigenous Celebration, & this blend is just such a gift of tobacco.

Cornell & Diehl Deception Pass

Deception Pass is on North Puget Sound and is where the tidal waters flow dangerous & quick under a high trestle bridge. It was one of the late Master Blender Joe Lankford’s favourite places to retreat & reflect. This Virginia/Perique blend gives the pipe smoker a sense of how the area would be savoured.

Seattle Pipe Seattle Evening

This is a rich, smoky, spicy, & luxurious blend of Latakia, Turkish Orientals, & choice Red Virginias. The late Master Blender Joe Lankford created Seattle evening to share the Northwest experience of his place of birth.

Cornell & Diehl Rainer Levant

Developed as a tribute to the blend Levant Mixture from Drucquer & Sons Ltd. of Berkeley, Rainer Levant is a rich & fragrant Latakia lover’s blend with rare complexity. It uses a mixture of zesty Red Virginia, earthy & spicy Turkish Orientals, & of course plenty of Cyprian latakia.

Seattle Pipe Club Galloping Gertie

Taking its name from the infamous collapse due to aeroelastic flutter of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in 1940, Galloping Gertie is a crumble cake composed of red & black stoved Virginias, St. James Perique, unsweetened Black Cavendish, & a touch of Turkish Orientals. This gives is a complex, yet savory flavour profile.

Vincenzo University Flake

Vincenzo University Flake is based on Virginia varieties & sun-drenched Indian leaves. These are slowly pressed into tobacco cakes for several days and then cut into flakes. This is a medium-bodied blend that has a slow & even burn along with notes of spice.

Vincenzo Killarney

A unique blend of selected Virginia, Burley, & Maryland tobaccos enriched with some Black Cavendish & hand-ground Virginia flake. The pleasant cream caramel aroma is irresistible while being mellow & sweet. This blend leaves a very comforting room note.

Vincenzo Au

An exceptional aroma of tropical fruits & nuts along with rum crowns this irresistible, highly aromatic blend of mellow character.

Vincenzo Sherlock Holmes

A delectable blend of bright, orange, & red Virginias along with some burley. It would be perfect in the times that Sherlock would have been around if he existed.

Vincenzo Connoisseur’s Choice

Tropical fruit, maple, vanilla, & rum notes permeate this blend of golden & red Virginias along with some black cavendish, giving the tobacco a spicy & aromatic character.

Samuel Gawith CH Flake

Dedicated to Samuel Gawith 1st, CH Flake is a luxury blend of Virginias, burley and long-leaf latakias. To complete the luxury a rich, dark chocolate has been added after cutting. Excellent smoking qualities with medium-bodied good smoke & a delicious room note.

Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader

Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader pipe tobacco epitomizes the traditional English tobacco. Blended dark and bright Virginias, together with Latakia and Turkish leaf results in a perfect, medium bodied product which gives a rich and slow burning smoke.

Samuel Gawith St. James Flake

Genuine perique is added to an already delicious and flavoursome blend of fine bright Virginias to give St. James the light peppery characteristic and medium body enjoyed by so many pipe smokers.

Samuel Gawith 1792 Flake

1792 Flake is a full-strength yet mellow tobacco comprising a blend of dark fired Tanzanian leaf. It starts as 7 lbs. of hand stripped leaf and goes through a steaming process prior to being pressed. The cake, having been prepared, is wrapped in a select leaf and packed by hand into a 12 inch square. This cake is pressed and left for a minimum of two hours. The pressed cake is then placed into a steam press where it is baked at full heat for two to three hours to give it the characteristic rich & dark color. Its hardening occurs during cooling. Once the process of cutting the flake and adding a tonquin flavor is carried out, hand wrapping and packing finalizes 1792, making it ready for rubbing into your pipe.

G.L. Pease Westminster

The very essence of the traditional English mixture; rich, elegant, refined, and exquisitely balanced. New World red Virginias are enhanced with a gentle caress of bright leaf, then lavishly seasoned with rich oriental tobaccos and generous measures of noble Cyprus mountain Latakia. A satisfying blend, presenting layers of flavor to delight the senses as it develops in the bowl.

G.L. Pease Jackknife Plug

The first blend in the New World Collection from G.L. Pease, JackKnife Plug is an all natural blend of dark-fired Kentucky leaf, and ripe, red Virginia tobaccos, layered on a central core of golden flue-cured leaf, providing deep, earthy flavors with a hint of bright sweetness. The tobaccos are pressed and matured in cakes before being cut into 2oz blocks. JackKnife is a stout blend. The dark-fired leaf adds a subtle smokiness and a subtle finish reminiscent of dark chocolate, while the Virginia tobaccos provide a sturdy backbone. The separation of the dark & red Virginias from the core of bright was not just an aesthetic choice. It was done to allow the bright’s flavours to retain some of their clarity, allowing them to linger on the palate along with the deeper taste.