Monthly Staff Picks

For the start of February, we would like to recommend that everybody come in before the 8th to pick up their favourite cigarillos, pipe tobacco, smokeless tobacco, & cigarettes in the non-compliant packaging. Starting on that date, all of these products will only be able to be sold in compliant plain packaging. There have been delays in getting some of this in, so this may be your last chance for your favourites until we receive the new stock!

Regular staff picks for February will be updated in the next week!



2020 is going to be an interesting year for those of us who enjoy fine tobacco.

Starting February 7, retailers like Burlington will have to “be compliant” with the new plain packaging regulations.

Some of you may have noticed the change already. For those of you who haven’t – all tobacco products (excluding premium cigars which come into play next year) will henceforth have packaging with a standard colour and very limited graphics.

One consequence of this change is that several products will no longer be available. This is because these manufacturers have chosen to not go to the expense of developing unique packaging for the Canadian market.

Another is that we may not be able to sustain our wall of tobacco. Until we actually see how the regulations will be enforced we won’t know if our current practises will continue.

Although we fully intend to do what we can to mitigate the risk we will be trimming our selection this month. We have several blends at the old price. You may want to stock up on your favorites till we work our way through the new regime.

May you all have a great 2020!



aaron copy

The start of the year can be a contemplative time, and Aaron enjoys smoking a bowl of one of the many fine Dunhill tobacco blends we still have in stock. These classic blends provide a familiar flavour and aroma that helps him to usher in the year to come!

Having to smoke outdoors is never a pleasant thing to have to do when it’s cold and the wind is blowing. Aaron suggests you try one of the Davidoff Primeros. Available in both a Dominican and Maduro wrapper, these relatively budget-concious cigars pack all of the flavour and quality one expects from any Davidoff.


Even though he never fully satisfies his sweet-tooth, Stephen really enjoys the milk-chocolatey goodness of Eclair. It really helps him to continue in the spirit of the holiday season.

He also finds that the Santa Damiana classic cigars are a perfect reset-button for ones palette. This mild yet flavourful and tasty Dominican cigar comes in several formats depending upon how much time you have to enjoy it.


A New Year brings new resolutions, and Anna’s resolution is to embrace her inner hobbit and smoke some of the finest of the Shire in Longbottom Leaf. Smooth and woody with the underlying sweetness of black licorice, it’s a great blend. Even better is that it’s not hobbit-forming!

For those that prefer only to only go “There and back again” in the colder weather, the Azan Short Campanas is a short belicoso from Nicaragua that packs some great flavour in a smaller package. These cigars also happen to be on sale, so pick up a few for yourself and any other dwarves that may show up unexpectedly.