Monthly Staff Picks



While we know that Christmas is still some weeks off, it’s not too early to start shopping for those special people in your lives. Chris would like to highlight the following possibilities:

Amazing Xikar cigar cutters at great prices! Brigham pipe starter kits, Humidor starter kits, and some very impressive, high-end humidors (for someone who has been especially good!) Burlington’s is also in possession of some special, aged Davidoff cigars, that are exceptional smokes.

And, drum-roll please! Santa Smoke, our hugely popular seasonal blend of pipe tobacco, will be available as of Nov. 15. You don’t want to miss this year’s version!


aaron copy

Aaron is extremely chuffed about his new Chacom Reverse Calabash and is pleased to recommend it to you. He says it makes for a very ‘cool’ smoking experience (in every sense of the word). This wonderful smoking pipe comes in a small, portable size and is easy to tote about.

Harking back to the “Golden Days of Yore” this Cornell and Diehl tinned pipe tobacco, with its hints of gingerbread and rum, is a perfect aromatic to enjoy as the world outside cools down.


Stephen doesn’t know about you, but as the world slows down and the days get shorter, he becomes more introspective and philosophical. This is when he turns more and more to “Philosopher’s Pipe”. This Virginia-based tobacco, while simple, will still leave a sparkle on your tongue, and make you think deeper and deeper thoughts. Stephen is sure that this would have been one of Sherlock Holmes’ favorites when he was looking for a change from his latakia-laden blends.

If you are a pipe-smoker with one or two standard shape pipes in your collection, why not ‘stretch’ yourself a little and expand your collection with one of Burlington’s excellent selection of Churchwarden-style pipes. These long-stemmed beauties are more affordable than you may think and are a great way to smoke your pipe and relax. Not sure what a Churchwarden looks like? Check out Stephen’s picture above this post. Stephen is rocking a Fauen churchwarden, manufactured by the company that supplied the Lord of the Rings movie set with the pipes you see the characters smoking.


Earthy and ‘black’ licorice (as if there’s any other kind of licorice!) – flavored notes are to be picked up in Longbottom Leaf. Isn’t this the time of year you have a hankering to pick up that dog-eared copy of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings? Why not smoke some of this Tolkien-inspired tobacco while doing so!

Your mission, should you accept it, is to pick up one or more Davidoff 3000’s (aged approximately 15 years!) This cigar has an elegant shape – long panatella – and is very smooth and creamy, with a woody/earthy finish. While you don’t have to be a Rockefeller to enjoy one, it is, according to Anna, a ‘luxurious’ smoke.


Wyatt has been busy exploring the range of pipe tobaccos and cigars at Burlington’s – an enviable task! On the pipe tobacco side of things he’s really digging the Black Cherry blend which is very rich and flavorful. Black Forest cake, anybody?

Do you enjoy full-bodied cigars in large formats? If so, the Camacho Triple Maduro (6 x 60) may just fit the bill. Make sure to have something fortifying to eat before you smoke it, suggests Wyatt.