Monthly Staff Picks



As we move into the fall season (I know, but pretending it isn’t happening won’t change things), English blends just seem to taste better. Try some of our Lapis Lazuli (my personal favorite) or the classic Balkan I for that rich complex taste that is unique to English blends.

For the cigar smoker, we have received more of the Casa Turrent Limited Edition Sui Generis. This is possibly their best cigar yet! Quantities are limited but there is still enough warm weather to enjoy this cigar with a round of golf or wherever you can fit it in.

Smoke and Enjoy!


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Fall is soon upon us even as we enjoy this warm & smokey start to September. This time of year would be a great time for a nice quality cigar like the Arturo Fuente Brevas Royales, a mild-medium Dominican cigar with mellow tobacco & light nutty flavours. These are also incredibly friendly on the pocketbook in todays market & a good choice for those just starting off their cigar journey.

Aaron enjoys a wide variety of different tobaccos in his pipe, but he always has a fondness for a good ‘ole bowl of Erinmore Mixture. This is a light & simple Virginia-based Cavendish that has some very sweet notes of mellow fruit.


In fur trader days, September would usually mean the last of the longboats would be launched into the North Saskatchewan on their way to Hudson’s Bay. In a nod to those hard-scrabble days, Stephen recommends you try a bowlful of Longboat, a Burley-Cavendish you are sure to find lightly sweet with a hint of single malt whisky.

The Drew Estate Liga Privada Nine is the perfect cigar for this 9th month of the calendar year. This beauty is a medium-plus cigar that is a great example of the quality of Nicaraguan workmanship.


September is a lovely time of year with its warm days, cool nights, & a shift in the season and pace of life. Contemplate this transitional time with an aromatic bowl of Valhalla. It will stimulate and sooth your senses with its notes of orchard fruit contrasted by warm & woodsy fresh herbaceousness.

For the cigar smoker, try one of the CAO Amazon Basin Toro. They use some rare tobaccos grown on unspoiled rainforest land & transported by canoe! These are blended with Columbian & Dominican fillers, bound by a Nicaraguan binder, and finished with an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. The resulting cigar is full of body with notes of fruit, chocolate, & pepper.


September is a time to reap the fruits of your labour and prepare for a brand new season. Give yourself a power up with the turbo charged Camacho Triple Maduro Robusto. Wrapper, binder, & filler all boast a rich and mighty flavour profile which isn’t for the faint of heart.

If you’d prefer to ease your way toward autumn, drift away with a bowl of Whiskey River. Mellow and a little sweet this blend whispers comfort while providing a unadorned canvas to foster the wanderlust of an imaginative mind. Preserve yourself in a concentrated atmosphere and emerge triumphantly when the leaves start to turn.