Monthly Staff Picks



Hamlet Paredes, a renowned cigar expert now working with Rocky Patel, is celebrating his 25 years in the tobacco industry by releasing the Hamlet 25 Years. Chris is happy to recommend this cigar, designed to appeal to the everyday cigar smoker, because of its excellent construction and its well-rounded, satisfying flavor. This mild/medium cigar features fillers from Honduras and Nicaragua, Pennsylvania broadleaf binder, and an Ecuadorean habano wrapper.

If you’re thinking about treating yourself or a loved one to a new pipe in the near future you owe it to yourself to check out the newly released Brigham Northern Lights series of pipes. Stunning grain and vibrant colours are the order of the day with this series and now you can perrsonally own a piece of the “aurora borealis”.


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While they last! Peterson Summertime 2014 is a creamy, exotic fruit flavored pipe tobacco that is absolutely perfect for those long lazy days of summer. These colorful 100g tins are hard to come by, so don’t hesitate to pick one up.

Looking for that perfect post-BBQ cigar? Look no further than the Vegafina Nicaragua. This is a mild to medium bodied cigar that is exceptionally smooth, but sufficiently complex to satisfy your after dinner palate. A couple of different size formats are available dependent on how much time you have to enjoy one.

As well, Aaron is pleased to re-introduce the Partagas Serie Mini cigarillos, which he says are the “perfect quick Cuban puff”!


We are now into August, the month named after Augustus Caesar. Feel like a Roman emperor yourself by smoking one of our large selection of Lorenzetti “Emperor” series pipes, which are now on sale. For the next little while we will not charge you the GST! We will “give unto Caesar” on your behalf.

While Aaron would have you smoking the Peterson Summertime 2014, Stephen would suggest the Peterson Summertime 2018 pipe tobacco (also in 100g tins), which has notes of caramel and toffee, a perfect prelude to the Autumn months coming up.



While we don’t normally use the Staff Picks page to offer Public Service Announcements, here’s one from Anna. There have been far too many devastating fires in Edmonton attributable to improperly discarded smoking materials! Please, Please, Please use ONLY PROPER non-combustible ‘spin’ ashtrays and pocket ashtrays  (no plant pots, for example) that will prevent your ashes from blowing about. Come in to Burlington’s and have a look at our selection.

Anna has been enjoying the Casa Turrent 1901 robustos. These medium-bodied, box-pressed Mexican beauties have a wonderfully rich flavor redolent of raspberry-infused dark chocolate, transitioning to notes of spiced coffee with caramel. These cigars pair well with espresso or just about any other dark quaff after lunch or dinner.