Monthly Staff Picks



After having completed our inventory, we have decided to reduce the price of a selection of Brand name pipes (regular price $120 – $179). These will now be moved to our under $100 rack and will retail for between $69 and $99.95. Some great pipes at a super price!

Also, one of our tobacco suppliers has gone out of business. As a result we need to reformulate a few of our blends. Starting on or about January 8 we will be showcasing some of these newly-formulated blends. Lapis Lazuli and Donneybrook are two you can look forward to.

All the best for the New Year!




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Feeling the chill of winter? Warm up with a wonderful bowl of Fireside perhaps in your new Peterson pipe. Wisps of chocolate and raspberry will be sure to whisk away the blustery weather.


What makes up a well-stocked pipe kit? A serious pipe smoker is going to have one or more of the following items in order to enhance his/her smoking pleasure:

Windscreen – Use one of these especially when you are smoking in the great outdoors. A windy day? No problem. Your pipe will stay lit and the tobacco won’t be consumed more quickly than normal. Also prevents embers from flying out of your pipe and landing on incendiary material (dry grass, etc.)

Rubber stem bits – If you have a tendency to bite through your stems, these little slip-on babies can prolong the life of your pipe mouthpieces.

Folding pipe stand – Either plastic or metal, these handy gizmos help keep your desk or workbench uncluttered.

Pipe Tool – Besides the ever-handy 3-piece multi-tool, dressier versions are also available, some that look like a pen and fit neatly into your jacket pocket.

Pipe lighter – Matches are a great way to light your pipe, but sometimes a lighter just does a better job and can be very elegant. A pipe lighter will have its flame directed downwards into the bowl of your pipe and will likely come with on-board pipe tools.

Pipe/Tobacco pouch – Finally, collect all your paraphernalia in one place and tote it around in style. There are a variety of pouches available for your perusal.


Reacquaint yourself with Nirvana this New Year or try it for the first time. This pipe tobacco blend will put you in a very satisfied state of mind. For those of you who enjoy an English blend, Diamond Head is also worth trying. It is somewhere in the middle of the latakia spectrum and is the next best thing to being at Waikiki Beach.

We have a number of red leather Chacom tobacco pouches which boast a large, easy to fill opening. These are classic roll-up pouches that serve a very simple function.


The Camacho Triple Maduro cigar is a full-bodied, rich smoke with hints of leather on the palette. This robust cigar may very well become your new favorite in 2019.

Suffering with a minor cold or just enjoying the bracing January weather? Fill your pipe with a bowl of Aspen Stroll and let the gentle menthol-like notes waft you away!

The Burlington Crew would like to wish you a Happy New Year!