Monthly Staff Picks



After being out for several months, we are pleased to have the Casa Turrent 1880 Doble Robusto back in all 4 versions (Claro, Colorado, Oscuro, & Maduro, from mild to full body). This cigar is 6 ½”x55, is a remarkable smoke, and is still one of the best bangs for your buck in the 20-25 dollar range. By March 10, we should also have the return of the limited Casa Turrent 1800 Sui Generis. These were a very popular cigar when we had them before and look forward to their long awaited return to us. We have introduced 100’s of people to these cigars with a near 100%, “I’d buy that again!” response.

For the pipe smoker, we have 4 new blends to try in Bree Bramble, Old Dunédin, Moka Pot, & Chez Luge.  The response to these has been quite positive so far, but as this is a blend-off, only 1 of the 4 will make it onto the shelf permanently. Try them out and put in your vote by purchasing lots of your favourite!

Smoke and Enjoy!


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If you’re anything like Aaron and have pipes all around, getting yourself a pipe stand can be helpful to keep your collection all nicely sorted and together. In particular, the stands we have from Anton & Co. of Lviv, Ukraine are some very stylish choices. Available in a 1, 3, and/or 5-pipe stand variety, these are all handmade using Ash and would fit well into any pipe smokers collection. Brigham, who distributes these in Canada, is donating some of the proceeds of the sales of these to the Canada/Ukraine Foundation as well, so we should all help out where we can!

While it may almost be spring, it is still rather chilly outside, especially as evidenced by the recent snowfall we have been having. One of the Partagas Super Partagas is a great cigar for this time of year as it is packed with Partagas flavour, but won’t take you too long to smoke thanks to its Corona size. This cigar is also part of our Cigar of the Month Student package for March along with a few other treats. Send us a message if you’re interested in more information about this program!


Just the other day Stephen cracked open a tin of Brigham Legend Series Heritage Blend pipe tobacco. He was immediately transported back to a few years ago when he was sitting at a park bench in St. James Square in London enjoying a bowl of rich & flavourful Dunhill My Mixture 965. Brigham has done a marvelous job of replicating a number of the classic Dunhill blends, so give one of the Legend Series a try and see if you can find your old favourite. Besides these, you may also want to try one of the Vincenzo blends which are done to replicate the classic offerings from Peterson which are not available in Canada. In particular, he really recommends try one of his favourite Virginia/Periques in University Flake or Killarney if you prefer a sweeter aromatic!


Happy March everybody!

Spring is on the way & the days are getting longer! Why not celebrate with a nice cigar like one of the three new offerings from Gurkha. In particular, Anna recommends you try the Cellar Reserve 15 Year Koi. This is a medium-bodied 4×58 Dominican-puro Perfecto that has notes of earth, cedar, cocoa bean, & a hint of spicy sweetness. Using rare and aged tobaccos, this is a real treat!

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up shortly, and a bowl of Donnybrook is a great way to celebrate responsibly. This house blend is smoky & peaty along with a true homage to the Irish with an infusion of Guinness & Irish whisky.  Have a bowl of Donnybrook instead of participating in one!


As spring approaches it is time to get your motor running and I recommend doing it in a grand way with the CAO Flathead Big Block. This 7×70 cigar is not at all shy and delivers a full throttle, high octane taste experience. Fill up your saddle bags and hit the road with this powerhouse.

When you set up camp for the night, it may be a tremendous opportunity to gaze at the natural wonders about you with the mellow comfort of a bowl of Smokey River. Rich creamy hot cocoa notes and a hint of peaty complexity make this an exceptional choice for whiling the evening away in the glimmer of the fire light.