Monthly Staff Picks



Back due to popular demand, Philosopher’s Pipe is a relaxing blend of burley and virginia with just a touch of perique for spice!

As well, Chris suggests you try the Diamond Crown Black Diamond, an ultra-premium addition to the Diamond Crown line made by the same people responsible for making the Opus X. A refined and elegant cigar with notes of cocoa, cedar, & earth; this is a perfect celebratory cigar for any connoisseur.


aaron copy

After a long and hard search since it went missing back at the beginning of 2019, Roanoke Island has finally been found again! One of Aaron’s favourite blends, this delightful Virginia-based blend (with a touch of burley for burn control), tantalizes his tastebuds, tingling the tip of his tongue with a touch of perique. Smoked as slowly as possible, this is a sweet and complex blend.

During the search for Roanoke Island, Aaron found that he really liked the rich and smooth maduro taste of a Punch London Club Maduro. The wisps of smoke from this corona matches wonderfully with a nice glass of rum while you sit and watch the leaves fall!


Stephen finds that Okanagan is the blend that best helps him experience that last fling of summer. The taste reminds him of a nice cross between a green apple and a golden delicious!

He also enjoys the wide variety of flavour posibilities that Matilde cigars provide. The Matilde Renacer is great when you’re in the mood for a mild-medium cigar but still want something substantial to smoke, while the Matilde Oscura is better when you’re looking for a little more spice in your life!


For September, Anna highly recommends you try one of her all-time favourite rolling tobaccos in Kingston. She finds the flavours of chocolate & coconut really come through best when using  biodegradable filters all rolled up with the Gizeh unbleached hemp papers!

For her after-dinner smoke or just around the firepit, Anna highly recommends any one of the various Burlington Project X cigars. Available in a half-corona (the “Little X“), robusto, gordo, or even in the regular or box-pressed XXX (the 30th Anniversary blend for Burlington on Whyte); she can’t decide on any particular one as they’re all some of her favourite cigars!


As the fall season beckons, Wyatt chooses to have a bowl or two of Pyrenees. The cool smoking taste of licorice and citrus help keep the warmer temperatures in the back of his mind while the weather continues to cool down.

He also finds that the rich cocoa notes of the Casa Turrent 1880 help him forget about the colder temperatures that come with September. A cigar made to commemorate the year the Turrent family entered the tobacco business, this cigar shows just how exceptional that Mexican cigar makers and Mexican tobacco can be.