Monthly Staff Picks



Festival Season is upon us – The Jazz Fest, The Folk Fest, Heritage Days, The Fringe Festival, et al – and it’s time to pick up some of Burlington’s own Festival Blend 2019. You won’t want to miss it. This year’s edition boasts subtle hints of cherry, not too sweet, and just right for those warm, lazy days in the sun.

We have a new cigar in our humidor! The My Father La Opulencia has a 95-point rating on Cigar Afficionado and was the #2 cigar in their 2018 lineup. It is an intriguing blend of Mexican and Nicaraguan tobaccos (Mexican wrapper/Nicaraguan binders) and has underpinnings of chocolate and cocoa. There are also subtle notes of anise and nougat. This large, box-pressed cigar is long on taste and you will enjoy this medium-bodied treat for some rime. Supplies are limited, so pick yours up soon.



aaron copy

Aaron enjoys the heat of a summer afternoon with a nice lager and a Brickhouse Maduro Robusto. Medium-bodied and from Nicaragua, this cigar should satisfy both seasoned and novice cigar smokers.

For those quicker puffs, Aaron really enjoys the smooth taste of a Davidoff Demi-Tasse. This is the perfect celebratory premium cigarillo for those occasions when you don’t have a lot of time.


Did you know that burley pipe tobacco is smoked in more pipes around the world than any other genre of pipe tobacco? While there are a number of burley blends at Burlington’s, Stephen would like to recommend Eclair. Eclair is a ‘soft’ naturally sweet burley with undertones of milk-chocolate.

Stephen recently had the occasion to smoke a Partagas Serie D #4 cigar. His olfactory senses were stimulated and the aroma/taste of this Cuban robusto-sized beauty brought back fond memories of Cuba and sunny days under clear skies. He will not wait so long to smoke another one!


Something Different…This is an interesting smoke, everytime! No two jars are ever alike. Changing as fast as the times, this economical smoke will give you a break, and will always be…something different.

Kingston rolling tobacco is Anna’s fave. Try it as is, or ask to have a pinch of spice added (Banda Sea).


Wyatt would like to introduce you to the Quorum Shade. This great, low-cost cigar is available in a couple of different formats and will offer some sweet, grassy notes.

Looking for a sweet, tasty pipe tobacco? Consider Buttered Rum, which by the way, has a wonderful room aroma.