Monthly Staff Picks



For pipe smokers we have some good news and some bad news. As many of you already know Dunhill is out of the tobacco business. Also the ‘new distributor’ of Peterson pipe tobacco has totally dropped the ball and there are very few tins of Peterson around (although it is hoped that this is a temporary state of affairs).

The good news is that we have brought in about 200 tins of Dunhill (distributed among 9 types) so you should be able to get some for awhile.

In May we will be opening up some of the last 100g tins of Peterson Special Reserve and a few of the ‘Summertime’ blends. You will be able to buy them by the ounce! These tobaccos will never be seen again.

For cigar smokers we are continuing our amazing Davidoff deals, though we are starting to get low on a few of them.

Likewise, we have put together three more packages featuring Vegafina and CAO. These packages represent a savings of up to 18% off the retail price of said cigars. Great cigars at great prices!



aaron copy

As the woods and nature awaken with the spring weather, Aaron likes to enjoy a bowl of C&D Oak Alley (Cornell & Diehl). The aromas of spring combine wonderfully with this rich and earthy blend.

At the end of the day, Aaron prefers to relax with an R&J #2 Tubos (Romeo y Julieta). This classic corona provides a nice mild hit of Cuban flavour that helps cap off a great day!


Golfing season is now underway. Hallelujah! Stephen can’t wait to polish up his irons and get onto the course. He has his Perfecto cigar holder ready to go (a device that clamps onto your golf cart and protects your cigar as you travel from one shot to the next). He also has his Vertigo cigar lighter in the front pocket of his golf bag. This beauty has a cigar rest positioned on top of it which serves well on tee or green and thoughtfully includes a built in divot repair tool which slides out with a flick of the thumb. The Vertigo Cigar Lighter Golf Gift set is the perfect gift for dad on Father’s day, or for his birthday, or just because he’s your dad! On the golf course is the perfect time to use a torch lighter.

The CAO Consigliere Associate, a cigar from the Sopranos collection, is an ideal golf course smoke. This mild to medium cigar will see you through 7 or 8 holes, leaving you time to enjoy another if you wish. Stephen always takes a box of these to share with his friends on his annual boys’ golf trip and even those who only smoke a cigar now and then really enjoy the flavour.



Anna would like to echo Chris’s concern about the status of Peterson pipe tobacco and the consequent urgency about trying some of the blends that won’t likely be available after our supply is gone. In particular, she recommends the Peterson Special Reserve 2018. This Virginia/burley blend is coin-cut and starts off with a heady aroma of freshly baked bread, which then morphs into something spicier and more peppery. Throughout is a mild background of honey. Having said that, this is not a particularly ‘sweet’ blend and will pair nicely with a pint of ale after a good meal.

The Joya Red Robusto is a smooth, mildly rich Nicaraguan cigar that is reliably tasty and which burns beautifully. Cigar lovers will enjoy the nutty/toasty notes and hints of leather and coffee.


The CAO MX2 is a smooth, rich, medium-bodied cigar. Those of you who prefer slightly fuller-bodied cigars will love this maduro -wrapped beauty that is both tasty and sophisticated.

Norse history and mythology are full-frontal these days what with the Marvel movie blockbusters in the theatre, the special Vikings exhibition at the Royal Alberta Museum, and the TV series “Vikings” which concluded its 5th season this past January. In that spirit Wyatt would like to recommend Valhalla, a complex pipe tobacco blend redolent of earthy, peaty notes with a hint of mint and rounded off with a sprinkling of sweet grass.