Monthly Staff Picks



Well summer is officially here. That means the Limited Edition 2024 Festival Blend is out for the enjoyment of pipe smokers. Notes of apple & mint along with the classic grassy sweetness of Deer’s Tongue make this year’s blend quite the treat. Try it while you can as it will only be around for the summer season.

For the cigar smokers, check out the Crowned Head family of cigars which are coming from either Nicaragua (La Imperiosa, Jericho Hill, & Le Patissier) or the Dominican Republic (Le Careme). We are hoping to be hosting a guest from the company in August (details are still being worked out), so try some now to see if you want to sign up for the party!

Smoke and Enjoy!


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While Aaron often enjoys a much larger natural tobacco tasting cigar, sometimes he likes to indulge his guilty pleasure and smoke a little flavoured cigar like the CAO Flavours Bella Vanilla or Moontrance. These are both half-corona sized and possess some amazing flavour to them (the Bella Vanilla is flavoured with pure Madagascar vanilla while the Moontrance is flavoured with Georgia peach & a bourbon vanilla) as well as having a delightful room aroma.

The summer is also a great time to sit outside with a nice book and enjoy a bowl of something like one of the delectable offerings from Samuel Gawith. Their classic Lakeland-style blends are smooth & incredibly slow burning. Aaron finds he particularly enjoys the notes of smoke & chocolate present in the CH Flake.


July is a wonderful time to be out in the woods with your favourite pipe firmly between your lips. An earthy & nutty burley such as Woodsman is one of Stephen’s summertime favourites. It’s not overly sweet, but melds in beautifully with the great outdoors.

The Macanudo Inspirado Broadleaf cigar (Robusto and Toro) is a rich earthy/peppery Dominican cigar that always leaves Stephen satisfied. It is full-bodied without being overly strong and remarkably creamy. To recommend it even further is the price (low range of the premium cigar spectrum).


Happy July everyone!

Celebrate the summer season with a nice treat. Anna highly recommends you try the La Flor Dominicana Suave Insurrecto. Whether you are an experienced or novice cigar smoker, this is a corona-sized, milder smoke (milder than your typical LFD) suitable for a mid-day puff. It still has the rich body of flavour that LFD is known for, while also being smooth, balanced, & refined.

For the pipe smoker, Bree Bramble offers up an evocation of the seasonal summer fruits with it’s notes of blackberry. Rich in body with hints of sweetness & a whisper of spice, this cool-smoking blend has everything you need to help you relax & ponder the season.


July is the time to bask in the sunshine with your closest chums. Treat your patio crew to a Arturo Fuente Brevas Royale. This affordable vitola is the perfect partner to glimmering afternoons with some cool beverages and scintillating company. A smooth and mild cigar with sweet spicy notes, to augment your refreshments rather than overpowering them.

When the pit calls, light up some logs and spark a bowl of Fireside. There hasn’t been a blend devised more suited to a cool night nestled next to a crackling stack of timber. With notes of raspberry and a mellow flavour, it will linger on the night air like the laughter of your dearest friends.