Monthly Staff Picks



When we reorganized the humidor last month (we have been doing a lot of that this year), we came across a few very special Davidoff cigars. These are special because we will never get more in the Canadian market, so afford yourself the opportunity to try the Davidoff Nicaraguan Diademas and/ or the Davidoff Escurio Robusto. The Diademas is a puro Nicaraguan made in the Dominican, while the Escurio uses some tobacco from Brazil which gives it a slightly spicier flavour profile. You can also try each of these cigars as part of our Cigar of the Month packages available for November.

All the pipe smokers out there should keep November 15 in mind. We have been hard at work and will be ready to release the L.E. Santa’s Smoke 2022 on this day!



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The Plain Packaging legislation caused many of our old favourite cigars to disappear from the Canadian market with little-to-no hope they would ever be available here again. Thankfully one of them is back! The Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story and the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Work of Art are back! Harkening back to when the grandfather of Carlos Fuente Jr. used to roll perfectos, these are a medium-bodied cigars with toasty notes of caramel sweetness.

Sometimes it can be tricky for a pipe smoker to decide on what bowl they would like to pack. MacBaren Dark Twist allows you to choose your own adventure every time you pack a bowl. The tin contains 2 different coin-cut tobaccos; one with 100% Virginia tobaccos while the other has Virginias around a core of Dark Fired Kentucky. This allows you to customize the body & richness of your tobacco, although Aaron prefers the recommended blend of 2 coins of Virginia to 1 of the Dark Fired Kentucky (this is the ratio the tin contains).


As the days grow shorter & darker, Stephen recommends you enjoy a bowl of Dark Cross. This is a lightly sweet yet full-bodied pipe tobacco that has a wonderful and subtle note of black licorice.

He recommends that all cigar lovers try one of the La Aroma de Cuba El Jefe (“The Boss!”). This fine treat from the masters at Ashton is a medium-plus treat with notes of Demerara sugar & molasses. This is definitely one of the best cigars out there for the cost. Just make sure to give yourself a generous amount of time to enjoy it.


Happy November everyone!

We have some great travel humidors in stock that are sturdy, compact, & very easy on the pocketbook. These are invaluable for those times you will be on the road visiting or travelling. They are ideal for keeping cigars at the proper humidity and ensure your cigars arrive at your destination undamaged.

For the seasoned cigar connoisseur, try adding a few of the La Madrina from Dapper Cigar Company. These Nicaraguan beauties are available in a Robusto or Toro and have that complexity of flavour that a seasoned cigar smoker can truly appreciate.

It is still a bit early to mention the upcoming Christmas season, but we did just recently receive the Peterson Christmas Pipes 2022, and Anna is a big fafn of them. With a rich & dark finish along with a bright & cheerful copper band for some contrast, these pipes are incredibly stunning.


This November, brace yourself for a long winter by stocking up on something amazing. The Casa Turrent Colorado Perfecto is an ideal choice to pair with your favourite warm beverage. Great rich spice combined with a comforting medium body makes this a fortifying cigar to reach for on a cool day.

Your pipe could also benefit from a sojourn into Smokey River. This decadent tobacco is the natural partner to a cup of hot cocoa and a roaring fire. Hunker down with these delights!