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It is very unusual for a small little tobacco shop like ours to develop a close relationship with a big name in the cigar world. Through a number of fortuitous circumstances, we have developed such a relationship with Alejandro Turrent, the brains behind Casa Turrent cigars. Alejandro is simply one of the nicest people in the business. He puts much value on family and friends. He has actually come up to Edmonton twice over the years and was scheduled to come again last year until Covid put an end to that.
The importance of family is best illustrated by the names given to his cigar lines: 1880, Serie 1901, Serie 1942, and Serie 1973. These names commemorate the founding of the family business, the birth of his grandfather, father, and Alejandro himself, respectively. The 1880 is the latest addition and has been well received. We started with the 1901 a few years ago; I was so impressed by them I bought 3,000!
So this month we are featuring the 1901, 1942 and 1973. These cigars are on the mild to medium side. They are extremely well made with ratings in the 90s; the 1901 was a 93 and the 1973 was Cigar Journals #14 cigar last year! Made mostly from Mexican tobacco with some Nicaraguan, if you are one of those who have never tried a Mexican cigar – prepare to be impressed!
On his last visit Alejandro gifted us a box of 20 1901 Gran Toros. We will give 1 away free with the purchase of any 4 Casa Turrent from the 1901, 1942 or 1973 series. Plus each of the lucky 20 will be entered into a draw for a box of 19 assorted Mexican cigars (2014)! Limit of 1 entry per visit. Draw will take place on sale of the 20th Gran Toro.
Smoke and Enjoy!


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With the Covid-19 pandemic being well into its second year, we should all now be well versed in spending time in Solitude. This rich & sweet blend has a hint of Vanilla that comes across with almost a note of licorice. It’s a great blend for those meditative times.

Aaron also recommends you take advantage of our amazing Brickhouse cigar deal. With potential savings of up to 23% off regular price, these quality cigars from the same people that make J.C.Newman cigars are perfect for the warm spring afternoons we seem to be experiencing as of late.



After a rather dreary winter season, we all need a little pick-me-up! Afternoon Delight with its blend of Burley and Virginia tobaccos along with a sprinkle of Orientals is just what the doctor ordered. It finishes quite smoothly with a little sweetness on the tongue.

To spruce things up a bit and rid yourself of those winter blues, you might want to treat yourself to a relatively full-bodied cigar in a Davidoff Yamasa Robusto. It’s a real smooth & well-crafted treat!


Featuring the classic Corojo tobacco aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels, the Camacho American Barrel Aged Robusto is a rich & flavourful modernization of Camachos most well known cigar. These are well worth trying for any connoisseur.

Spring is upon us and so is spring cleaning, especially of all the yard waste that accumulates over the winter. What better way to spend an afternoon burning it but with a bowl of Fireside. With notes of raspberry & chocolate, this classic burley/cavendish is a smooth & relaxing puff.