Monthly Staff Picks



As a long time cigar smoker, there are a few cigars you never forget. The Padron 50th Anniversary is one of those cigars. It is a very rare, full-bodied Nicaraguan-puro cigar. The tobacco for these was aged at least 10 years before rolling and since then, they have been aged an additional 10 years. They are pricey, but a serious treat for the connoisseur!

For pipe smokers we have something very exciting but bittersweet. Our favorite pipe maker Lorenzetti is closing its doors. For most of their 90+ years, they primarily made pipes for others. They still had a number of these left which we have got our hands on. There are some amazing pipes, made by an amazing company, at an amazing price. They will be ready for sale by March 7th.

Smoke and Enjoy!


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Winter has returned with a vengeance! With the snow, it means for some hair-raising drives & of course the shoveling. What better way to calm down and relax after this than with a nice cigar like the Macanudo Inspirado Broadleaf (available in a Robusto & Toro). These rich & creamy Dominicans are a great treat with their notes of coffee, dark chocolate, & woody tones. They are almost like the cigar version, but not flavoured, of a hot chocolate.

For those that prefer the briar, the Cornell & Diehl Corncob Pipe (and a Button Nose) is much closer to the flavour of a nice big mug of hot cocoa along with the requisite marshmallows. The 2024 version of this annual blend uses a mix of Burleys & Virginias including some 2019 Canadian bright Virginias!


What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than with a bowl of slow-smoking, rich and creamy Donnybrook. This unusual English blend is infused with Irish whisky and Irish stout. According to Stephen, smoking a bowl of Donnybrook is a much better alternative to getting into a pub brawl.

In readying yourself for the day of leprechauns and four-leaf clovers, why not add a new Peterson pipe to your collection. There is a large selection of these Dublin-made beauties in stock, including some of the 2024 St. Patrick’s Day pipes.



Contemplate the progressing Spring Equinox with some Heart of G in your favourite bowl. A smooth, uncomplicated, and aromatic smoke of Cavendish and naturally-sweetened Virginia’s, allowing a pragmatic focus on your highly creative musings.

A Toscanello and an espresso amongst friends is a laid-back, simple treat, and a wonderful way to spend an hour. A merenda, the Italians might say, will be held on March 23rd. Are you interested? See Burlington on Whyte for details! Space is limited, so book your seat while you can.


March onward and upward with a cigar worthy of a King. The Gurkha Royal Challenge Maduro Robusto will elevate your tastebuds without putting too great a strain on the imperial treasury. Rich, nuanced and dark, it is the perfect canvas on which to ponder the dire fate of the enemies of the crown.

As your lands continue to expand a pipe full of The Silk Road will lend you clarity for the extraordinary vision of your dynasty. Redolent with chocolate and spice and everything nice, it will temper your more rash inclinations, allowing you to reign with a cool head and a noble spirit.