Monthly Staff Picks



For March, we wish to support some of our partners in Brigham & Q Cigar Room by offering some great deals on the Indian Motorcycle Cigars. Check out the event at Q on March 18th! For more information, please check with the people at Q (

We are also continuing the great deal we currently have running on the Brickhouse cigars. There are some amazing deals to be had on these wonderful Nicaraguan cigars.

For the pipe smokers among us that have to spend their time with their briar’s outside, Chris suggests you have a bowl of Lapis Lazuli, a hearty accompaniment  to the cool weather.



aaron copy

Aaron is finding that the sea-saw like weather we’ve been having can make him a little stir crazy, so he enjoys smoking a bowl or two of Nirvana to help calm him down. The notes of raspberry & vanilla help him reach a zen-like calm, allowing him to just say “Nevermind!” to anything that may disturb him.

He also encourages both our lovers of the cigar & of the pipe leaf to act responsibly with the upcoming spring and make sure that they have an appropriate ashtray to use either at home or on the road. From tall stand-up ashtrays to ones that are designed to fit in a car’s cupholder, there is an ashtray available for everbody’s need!


Stephen is finding that he is really enjoying the Henry Clay Stalk Cut. Using the stalk cut method that allows the leaf to retain more natural nutrients, this allows for a richer and more flavourful leaf. These are the perfect cigars for those people that enjoy the Drew Estate Liga Privada series of cigars.

Farthing is a rich & flavourful pipe tobacco that will be sure to help transport any pipe smoker to the Shire, in particular the East Farthing. This was noted to be a beautiful place in the springtime, and this blend should help to usher in the upcoming spring season here!


Anna finds that she really enjoys the Camacho Corojo, a Honduran-puro that uses only Corojo-seed tobacco. This seed is what made pre-embargo Cuban cigars so famous with their richness, lack of nicotine strength, and a very tasty pepperyness that is subtle enough to allow for the flavour notes of wood, cedar, & cocoa to come through.

Her last bowl of Lapis Lazuli was just such a perfect bowl of tobacco. The aroma, the flavour, & the entire smoke was some of the tasiest and most balanced English-style tobacco she has ever had.