Monthly Staff Picks



For decades pipe smokers who wanted to treat themselves have purchased Dunhill pipe tobacco.  Famous for their amazing English style blends (My Mixture 965, Early Morning Pipe, Nightcap), the range also includes other styles such as aromatics.  Recently Dunhill has announced they are getting out of the tobacco business.

My recommendation is to try some of these while you still can. We have picked 4 that you can buy in quantities as small as half an ounce and have reduced the price somewhat. So if you have been wondering about these classic blends but felt you couldn’t justify purchasing a 50g tin on spec – here’s your chance!

Something else I’d like to make you aware of is that we are changing up our line of cigar cutters.  To get ready for the arrival of new stock we have priced our   Xi-Kar cutters at 25% off. These are great cutters and now at a great deal.

Smoke & Enjoy!


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Smoke Erinmore Mixture in a Peterson Pipe. That’s what Aaron recommends for the month of September. As temperatures begin to cool, the sweet Virginias and added Erinmore fruitiness make for a wonderful combination. Erinmore Mixture is available in 50g pouches.

On the cigar side of the picture Aaron would suggest a CAO Consigliere Robusto for its mild yet flavorful pepperiness. You can enjoy this treat at any time of the day. It also makes one very fine golf course cigar.


An oily, maduro Nicaraguan wrapper sets the tone for the full-bodied, Dominican treat that is the El Credito cigar. Make sure you eat a good meal before smoking the El Credito and be prepared for a long, languorous smoking experience (best enjoyed over a couple of hours). The notes are of leather, mild paprika, and very unexpectedly, anise (Stephen’s palate may have been playing tricks on him).

The more Stephen smokes his Jurassic pipe, the more he is convinced of the quality of Chacom pipes. The attention to detail, the way the pipe sits in the palm of his hand, the coolness of the smoke, the positive comments people pass his way as they see him smoke it; these are all reasons for Stephen to return to this pipe time and again!


“Crisp freshness”! “Minty undertones”! This is how Anna describes Aspen Stroll – a light chocolate/mint Cavendish pipe tobacco. This tobacco is amazing especially when enjoyed on Edmonton’s wonderful River Valley trails, or out on the back quarter.

Toting your pipe tobacco about with you is stylishly accomplished by packing it in one of our locally handmade leather pouches. These aesthetically pleasing designs by local artisan, Dale Ladouceur, are perfect for giving as gifts to your pipe-smoking or ‘roll-your-own’ friends.

After dinner, while contemplating the summer behind you, or looking forward to the colorful Autumn ahead, a Burlington Little X is likely to hit the spot with its subtle spiciness and rich aroma. This diminutive cigar, while small in format, is big with flavor!


Wyatt is happy to be contributing regularly to the Staff Picks page. He fires his opening salvo by recommending one of his favorite cigars, the Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary. This very approachable Nicaraguan cigar has a smooth and (ironically) smokey flavor. Wyatt suggests this cigar has a good “size” to “cost” ratio for those looking for a full-size cigar that won’t break the bank.

Wyatt recently broke into his first tin of Peterson Sweet Killarney pipe tobacco … and he hasn’t stopped talking about it since. Why not try this blend with its  delicious caramel notes and see for yourself what all his fuss is about. He says this tobacco has a pleasant room aroma to boot.