Monthly Staff Picks



After the October 24th Alberta Provincial Budget, most stores are busy raising their prices. We have not changed most of ours, so come on down and stock up on some of your favourites while you can at the old prices, particularly with some of our pipe tobaccos.

Forget raising prices – We have actually lowered our price on the La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull by over 20%! We have lots in stock to boot! This is one of the more amazing big cigars to come out of the Dominican Republic in the last few years. With a medium-plus body, this is a great cigar cigar to smoke while watching the game, playing poker, or just as an after dinner smoke.

Chris would also like to mention that to celebrate Peterson choosing a new distributor for Canada, we have put these classic pipes on sale at 20% off regular price! This is including some of the newer styles available. There are limited quantities available.


aaron copy

Aaron is really enjoying the larger gauge and flavour of the Macanudo Cru Royale Toro. This is an under-rated classic from the Dominican Republic that matches well with a nice hot rum toddy and the fall weather.

He also finds that he really is enjoying the Dunhill pipe tobaccos. These quintessential blends are ones that will soon not be available in Canada, so he takes every chance he can get to enjoy a well-deserved bowl of them.


Stephen finds that his writing-muse can best come to him while he is in Solitude. This rich and smooth cavendish has notes of vanilla and is the write type of tobacco he enjoys while working on his book.

He can’t give all the credit to this blend. After he’s had a long and hard day, he really enjoys the flavour of the El Credito Trunk Show YG-23. This double-corona from the Dominican Republic is a fuller-bodied cigar that features a band made from tobacco!


When Anna faces Shire circumstances, she finds that a Bil-bowl of Tolkien helps her ponder the possible solution. The Middle-Earthy hints of chocolate and sweet grass along with burley tobacco provide a cool & relaxing smoke that will prove to be hobbit-forming!

She also is really enjoy the blend of Mexican tobaccos and Latakia in the Burlington Project X Robusto. The rich flavours of these tobaccos along with the smokey hints from the latakia mesh well while smoking one of these cigars while preparing the yard for the upcoming winter weather!


Wyatt really is enjoying the Macanudo Inspirado Black, a light & smooth cigar from the Dominican Republic. This cigar makes for a great choice either as a gift or if the cigar smoker is unable to get a full meal into them prior to lighting one up.

For those pipe enthusiasts that are stuck smoking their briar pipes indoors for the winter months, he recommends that you try East India Co. This aromatic is a cool smoking blend with notes of raspberry & coconut. It has a room aroma to it that is second to no other blend!