Monthly Staff Picks



In 2008, enroute to the Intertabac show in Dortmund, Germany, I was routed through Copenhagen. Due to a variety of circumstances I was introduced to Eric Nording who invited me to his house/workshop, an invitation I readily accepted. A few hours later I found myself the happy owner of 56 Nording pipes. Since then, we have had a great relationship with Eric, a man of boundless personality, and have found good homes for many of his pipes.

Because of the new partnership with Brigham we look forward to bringing you an even better selection. So check out our new Nording pipes.

For cigar smokers, check with us on the status of your favorites. As most of you already know, we are moving into the compliance phase on plain packaging for cigars. Many (approximately 50%!!!) of the cigars currently sold in Canada will no longer be available in the near future. If possible, we will special order anything you want to stock up on. Otherwise, check out what we have and start stocking up!


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This past month has been a little more stressful with everything that has been happening in the world, so I suggest that you take the time to sit back and relax with a bowl of Eagle Modern. This light & easy-going burley/cavendish is smooth and soothing to one’s palate while also having a delightful room aroma. I find that having a convenient pipe ashtray handy is quite helpful too. The ones we have in the store not only have a built-in cork knocker, but they also have built-in pipe rests so you have a place to rest your pipe after you finish it or even when you need to go get yourself another relaxing beverage.

I also find that the Davidoff Primero is a great little smoke to relax with. Available in both a natural & a maduro wrapper, these reasonably priced Davidoffs pack a remarkably smooth, yet flavourful, puff that is perfect for any aficionado!


As beer aficionados know, a Black & Tan is a delightful blends of Guiness Stout & lager. Why not try this pipe tobacco equivalent in Dark & Light (formerly known as Black & Tan). This fairly simp0le blend offers the rich taste of dark cavendish blended with the zest of some lighter tobaccos.

I recently reacquainted myself with the CAO MxTwo Toro and had to wonder why I hadn’t gone back to it sooner! The dark wrapper gives it a hint of sweetness and the delightful taste lingers consistently throughout this very tasty medium-bodied cigar.


If you pipe lovers haven’t checked out The French Pipes yet, I highly recommend that you do! Brought to us by the artisans at Chacom, these are gorgeous pipes with classic lines & they all come with a great kit of accoutrements. We are still rather sad that we had to cancel Antoine Grenard’s visit due to Covid, so hopefully we can one day reschedule the event we had planned for it. In the meanwhile, enjoying a bowl in one of these pipes is possible for only $119.95! I recommend that you pack a bowl of C.E.O. in one of these pipes. This easy smoking cavendish has just the right amount of vanilla with a hint of sweetness and great body. Enjoy the fall!