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Aspen Stroll – Light chocolate, with refreshing minty undertones.
Bobsled – Very sweet with a slight hint of coconut.
Black & Tan – Very calm, full-bodied, excellent burning.
Black Cavendish – Full bodied & smooth.
Black Cherry – Smooth & cool burning cherry with spicy undertones.
Black Cross – Light & cool with a mild sweetness & full body and a twist of licorice.
Buttered Rum – Smooth and creamy rum with a touch of butter.
C.E.O. – A new classic, a variation on the theme of the ever popular “Executive Blend”
Cherry Cavendish – Cherry aroma whisps through the room while while enjoying this light, cool smoke.
Chocolat Noir – Rich and smooth chocolate.
Classique – A popular aromatic, sweet vanilla.
Director’s Cut – A milder version of the Executive Blend.
Domino – Thick & full-bodied with a hint of raisin.
East India Co – Rich & sweet with raspberry & coconut notes. Wonderful aroma.
Edmonton Mist – A light, fruity blend with notes of honey.
Executive Blend – Our most popular. A light, golden fire-cured cavendish with slight vanilla flavour.
Fireside – Soft & mellow with a hint of raspberry.
Gabriel’s Horn – Rich and full bodied, yet surprisingly smooth with espresso flavour.
John’s Lament – Once referred to as Cherry Cubed. Cherry, cherry, & more cherry. It is very cherry.
Lusty Cutlass – Nutty with hints of coconut and coffee.
Mark Twain – An easy going aromatic, with a comforting depth of flavour.
Peaches & Cream – Tastes exactly like it’s namesake.
Pyrenees – Licorice with a hint of dark fruit and lemon.
Rubes Nigra – Smooth & cool burning dark raspberry with spicy notes.
Solitude – Rich, smooth and dark with a whisper of vanilla
Sunday Afternoon Pipe – Sweet & very fruity blend with a hint of citrus fruit.
Thrilla in Vanilla – A vanilla flavour that will knock you out.
Tropical Almond – Light and sweet with a subtle hint of almond.
V.S.O. – The “very special” flavour of brandy, harnessed with bright virginia and black cavendish.
Valhalla – Rich and flavourful orchard fruit accented with some spicy notes
Warmer Climes – Peach & almond with hints of citrus and spice


Afternoon Delight – Burley and Virginias blended with a hint of Oriental with a hint of sweetness.
Eagle Modern – Very earthy & cool smoking.
Tolkien – Semi-sweet, earthy & aromatic.
Whiskey River – Sweet burley light, without the bite.
Woodsman – Slightly nutty tasting, with strong, earthlike attributes.


Eclair – Naturally sweet burley with chocolate.
Farthing II – Earthy with undertones of spice and vanilla.
Longboat – Slightly sweet with an infusion of scotch whiskey
Longbottom Leaf – Very earthy with a touch of licorice.
Nirvana – Smooth and sweet . Soft smoking with a hint of fruit and spice.
Okanagan – Mild & smooth with a light taste of ripe apple.


Golden Mild – Mild & sweet.
Golden Virginia – The classic with a slight natural sweetness.
Montego Bay – A unique earthy but sweet, herbal infused tobacco.
Virginia Flake – Red, lemon and dark virginias blended and pressed into long strips.


Balkan I – The standard, strong english.
Diamond Head – Mild with a rich latakia flavour.
Donnybrook – A slow smoking, rich blend infused with Irish stout and whisky.
Dublin – Large, toasted burley cubes married with shag cuts and latakia for a cool, calm smoke.
Lapis Lazuli – Smokey rich and smooth with a subtle sweetess. Perfectly balanced.
October Twilight – Full & rich latakia
Pirate’s Passion – Smooth smoking; somewhat spicy with no sweetness.
Smokey River – Very mild and smooth with a hint of chocolate.


Heavy Crude – Cigar leaf soaked in VSOP and mixed with a cavendish to create a rich & smooth smoke.


F.C. Golden Virgina – Mild and smooth shag cut.
Two Virgins – A mix of red & golden virginia.  Full-bodied.
Tahiti Cut – Mild and smooth vanilla.  Our most popular rolling blend.
Cherry Blossom – Medium-bodied cherry.
Kingston – Full bodied with hints of coconut and chocolate.
Keen – A light, smooth blend. It’s a peach-y!
Banda Sea – Smooth virginia with natural clove.


Festival Blend – A uniquely festive blend. Only available throughout July and August.
Santa’s Smoke – We make it for St. Nick…but you can get some too. Only available mid November-January.
Something Different – Every jar is different. Love it, or hate it, it will never be repeated.

*Burlington regularly adds and deletes blends based on popularity. In store availability may be affected.*