A brief word from the winner of the trip to the 2nd Annual Mexican Cigar Festival


I was certainly not expecting to win this contest or even if I did, I did not expect to be able to attend. I was elated to discover that I was wrong on both counts!

As this was a trip for two I decided to share what I expected to be an incredible experience with my big brother James. From what I had heard from the proprietor of Burlington, Chris, about the first cigar festival the he attended I knew we would be in for a great time. Little did I realize that this all too brief trip into the heart of the Mexican tobacco industry would become one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

I cannot begin to describe events of the festival as eloquently as Cody has. I believe Cody’s words actually understated our experience. I was absolutely blown away by the entire adventure. I will not attempt to describe the trip as it will only pale in comparison to the already well written account. We were treated like VIPs the entire time and I cannot begin to give enough thanks to the Cigar Mex reps, the Brigham reps Paul and Mark and of course Alejandro Turrent himself.

Alejandro Turrent did not seem to carry the slightest hint of an ego as he shared his obvious passion for tobacco. He was genuinely amused when I shared with him how I came to be there on this incredible tour. It was his cigar, the Casa Turrent, recently launched at Burlingtons. I eagerly awaited its arrival and was not disappointed. I quickly bought several of these bold and charismatic cigars and entered into the draw for the trip and was supremely fortunate to win. I was also very touched when Alejandro introduced me to his father at the final gala.

I must give thanks to many for this amazing excursion into Mexican culture, history, tradition and of course the bold, “in your face attitude”, flavour of the San Andres Negro tobacco. I thank Chris for introducing me to the Casa Turrent. I thank Burlington and Brigham for this amazing opportunity to learn so much more about the tobacco industry. I thank the Cigar Mex reps for their enthusiasm and endless energy throughout the entire tour. I thank Alejandro Turrent himself for sharing his passion for tobacco with the likes of me. I must also thank Cody Porter for being the best travel companion (and terrible influence) on this whirlwind journey into the heart of the Mexican tobacco industry!

To all the readers of this blog please do yourself a favour and introduce yourselves to some Mexican cigars, especially the Casa Turrent. Mexico has a very long (actually ancient) history of producing world class tobacco. With the passion and attention to detail of men like Alejandro Turrent you have to understand you are smoking a true work of art. Each and every time I light up one of these wonderful cigars I will quickly be carried back to that volcanic lake surrounded by a misty jungle, the sights and sounds of Mexico and to the beautiful, and brave, young lady named Olega who tried to teach this mutt to dance the Salsa.



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