Congrats to Anna

We here at Burlington on Whyte would like to congratulate Anna on completion of her Retail Tobacconist certification from Tobacconist University!

Anna with her certificate and new Chacom pipe

Aaron & Chris presenting Anna with her new pipe

2019 Long Smoke Results

Our 2019 Long Smoke competition was a great success. We had 7 total competitors and everybody did a great job. All competitors got a corncob pipe, 3g of Director’s Cut, a tool, & 2 matches. The results are:

  1. Assad – 53:05.72
  2. Greg (tied with Larry for 2nd) – 48:47.59
  3. Larry (tied with Greg for 2nd) – 48:47.59
  4. Nathaniel – 46:07.52
  5. Nelson – 33:27.61
  6. Derrik – 31:39.98
  7. Robert – 15:09.95

For the first time ever, we had two contestants both go out at the exact same time! Both second place winners received an ounce each of Valhalla, while our defending champion Assad won a tin of Solani 633. A big thank you to all that participated in this year’s contest and we look forward again to next years.

Our Second Place co-winners Larry & Greg

Our 2019 Champion

Christmas Cheer Draw Winning Numbers

A big thank you to all those that participated in our draws. The winning numbers are as follows:

Pipe Kit Draw: 931349

Cigar & Humidor: 931302

Roller from La Aurora

International Enjoy a Cigar Day 2018

May Dunhill Draw Winner – Congrats Peter

Peter receiving his prize

Chacom Pipe Dinner

International Enjoy A Cigar Day

April Dunhill Draw Winner – Congrats Aaron

So You Want to Be a Tobacconist


We wish to thank everybody that applied, but we have found our new tobacconist in training!