Santa’s Anonymous Donations for 2023

In addition to $740 in cash, we were able to donate all these toys (plus some more) from the pun money collected in 2023. A big thank you to all those that helped contribute!

Canada-Ukraine Foundation Fundraiser featuring Anton & Co Pipes

Cigar of the Month

We have started a Cigar of the Month Club, and the first selection will be available starting on September 1st, 2022.

1st Annual Q/Burlington Pipe Exposition

1st Annual Q/Burlington

Pipe Exposition

Wednesday, May 25 at Q Cigar Room

Over 70 pipes worth over $30,000. You can view them at

All on sale at 30% off (or more)

From 5 till 7 and 7 till 9

Pipes from Chacom, Dunhill, Neerup, Winslow and others.

Special Guest

Antoine Grenard

Of Chacom Pipes

Scheduled to talk at 5:30 and 7:30 pm

On the history of Briar pipe making

Tobacco tasting, seminars for all levels of experience and good fun!

Drink and Food specials available.

No charge to attend but seats are limited so please RSVP to Q or Burlington.

This year’s haul for Santa’s Anonymous, so far….

We also have the following contest running:

The 1st Book Winner

Congrats to the first winner of “The Pipe, A Functional Work of Art” in Larry.

You can still win a copy by purchasing any pipe in the store valued over $100. The second copy will be drawn for on December 22!

The Pipe: A Functional Work of Art

We received a couple of copies of this wonderful coffee-table book about pipes, pipe carving, & even a little bit about pipe tobacco. Here’s a wonderful review of this tome by Stephen:

Enjoying a pipe and reading a good book often go hand in hand. And not so much a digital edition but rather a solid book made of real pages that can be rifled between the fingers. THE PIPE: A Functional Work of Art is even more than that! It is a lovely, illustrated coffee table book that is beautiful to behold and substantial in its contents.

Have you ever wanted to know the ins and outs of the craft that is pipe making? This tome will answer all your questions and will do so in style. The illustrations/photos are rich and artfully rendered. They fully immerse you in the world of pipes and pipe makers.

Speaking of pipemakers, especially the Danish masters, their names roll off the tongue. Lars Ivarsson, Nanna Ivarsson, Tom Eltang, Anne Julie, Suhr, Manduela, Poul Ilsted, Tao, Teddy Knudsen, Kent Rasmussen, Poul Winslow, Nording, and on and on. Fascinating accounts of their art is readily available in this book.

Besides the fundamentals of pipe lore and the personal stories of noted pipemakers, there is also a discussion of factory-made pipes and the wonderful tobaccos we pack them with.

Put your tablet or cell phone down and pick up a copy of THE PIPE: A Functional Work of Art. Fill your bowl with your favorite blend of pipe tobacco. Light your pipe and revel in the delicious wisps of smoke as they curl about your head. Turn the pages of superbly designed publication and learn about the art of the pipe, the art you are so passionate about.


If you wish to win a copy, all you need to do is buy any pipe worth $100 or more and you’ll be entered. We will be doing a draw on November 22nd and another draw on December 22nd. Good luck to all entrants!

Congrats to Anna

We here at Burlington on Whyte would like to congratulate Anna on completion of her Retail Tobacconist certification from Tobacconist University!

Anna with her certificate and new Chacom pipe

Aaron & Chris presenting Anna with her new pipe

2019 Long Smoke Results

Our 2019 Long Smoke competition was a great success. We had 7 total competitors and everybody did a great job. All competitors got a corncob pipe, 3g of Director’s Cut, a tool, & 2 matches. The results are:

  1. Assad – 53:05.72
  2. Greg (tied with Larry for 2nd) – 48:47.59
  3. Larry (tied with Greg for 2nd) – 48:47.59
  4. Nathaniel – 46:07.52
  5. Nelson – 33:27.61
  6. Derrik – 31:39.98
  7. Robert – 15:09.95

For the first time ever, we had two contestants both go out at the exact same time! Both second place winners received an ounce each of Valhalla, while our defending champion Assad won a tin of Solani 633. A big thank you to all that participated in this year’s contest and we look forward again to next years.

Our Second Place co-winners Larry & Greg

Our 2019 Champion