CAO Flathead Review – by Stephen Goss

The CAO Flathead

A Marriage Made in Heaven

By Stephen Goss

Perhaps you’re into the whole “pairing” scenario like I am?  You know, finding the perfect wine to complement that gourmet meal you’re planning to cook for your old university friends you get together with every couple of years, or maybe searching for just the right single malt to pair with the Dunhill 965 you plan to pack in your new Lorenzetti later in the evening.  Even if you’re not really into the pairing mode, it would be hard to deny that with the release of the CAO Flathead line of cigars there is a natural confluence of three ‘concepts’ many men are drawn toward – muscle cars, girls, and robust cigars!

As I wrote this review I had a Flathead 554 (Camshaft) in hand, which, when first lit, released a wonderfully thick midnight-gray smoke.  A generous ash (dense and even) slowly accumulated on the lit end and the flavor was supremely full and satisfying, redolent of black pepper and cocoa. I spent some time holding the cigar away from my mouth just to admire its unique shape (box-pressed, with a flat head) and the dark, oily texture of the Connecticut Broadleaf.  The band too is well designed making it quite collectible, if you’re into that sort of thing.

The CAO marketing and design team have outdone themselves with this latest offering.  The box comes with a lid that can be mounted as wall art in your rec room; and if that weren’t enough, a vintage pin-up poster is included in each box, reminiscent of your favorite auto garage of years gone by.

So gentlemen – lovers of muscle cars, girls, and robust cigars – rev your engines, light up a Flathead and enjoy!

Current CAO Flathead offerings available at Burlington’s:

 Flathead 554 – Camshaft

Flathead 660 – Carb

(*42,54,60 – denotes the ring gauge)

Flathead bourbon

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