Dunhill Cigars and a contest



We are pleased to announce that we are Northern Alberta’s exclusive retailer of the relaunched Dunhill cigar line. We have the following three lines:




Beneath the exquisite, light, shade-grown Connecticut wrapper, Dunhill Aged Cigars utilize tobaccos grown in the Cibao Valley, Dominican Republic – an area renowned for the highest quality of leaf. The ideal combination of warmth and moisture produces tobacco of an outstanding quality of which only the very best is selected for the Dunhill Aged Cigar. No less than five different types of leaf are needed to provide the Master Blender with the subtle palette of flavours to achieve a perfect, consistent taste.

We have the following vitolas:

  • Dunhill Aged Romanas (4.5″x50)
  • Dunhill Aged Condados (6.0″x48)
  • Dunhill Aged Altamiras Tubos (5.0″x48)



The tropical climate and fertile jet-black soil of Esteli, Nicaragua produces harvests of tobacco notable for their impressive body, flavour, & aroma. The Dunhill Master blender uses five types of these leaves, individually hand-selected with umcompromising quality. The leaves are then matured for two years and fermented for a further fourteen weeks to release their full flavour profile. The rolled cigars, exquisitely rolled to the highest standards by the finest torcedores, are then further aged for up to six months. As a result Dunhill’s lovingly crafted Signed Range cigars are renowned and acclaimed for their excellence worldwide.

We have the following vitolas:

  • Dunhill Signed Range Toro (6.0″x50)
  • Dunhill Signed Range Corona Tubos (5.5″x42)




Honouring the opening of Alfred Dunhill’s first tobacconist & pipe shop in 1907 on Duke Street in London, the Dunhill 1907 is a medium-bodied cigar that uses an exquisite blend of Dominican ligero & Brazilian Mata Fina filler encased in a Dominican binder, wrapped up with a flawless Honduran wrapper.

We have the following vitolas:

  • Dunhill 1907 Churchill (7.0″x49)
  • Dunhill 1907 Robusto (5.0″x52)



Buy 3 or more Dunhill cigars and you will be entered into a draw for a box of your favourite. We will be drawing for 1 box a month until November! Good luck and great smokes!


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