I.P.S.D. 2016 Long Smoke Results

Today we celebrated I.P.S.D. with our Annual Long Smoke with a total of 12 competitors. Each person was provided with a straight corn-cob pipe (the use of the filter was optional), a pipe nail, 3 grams of Director’s Cut, a sheet of paper, and 2 matches. Each person was given 5 minutes to pack their pipes, while they were only given 1 minute to get the pipes lit using only the 2 matches. After the 1 minute, no additional lighting was allowed.

The bowls have been packed, lit, and smoked. The results are now in! In order of finishing:

  1. Assaad              1:03:26.18
  2. Kenny               53:07.92
  3. Larry                 41:15.36
  4. John                  39:28.38
  5. Nicole               33:35.32
  6. Derrick             33:04.28
  7. Stewart             32:49.77
  8. John                  31:50.30
  9. Bruce                27:48.32
  10. Robert              23:22.75
  11. Nelson              19:53.38
  12. Dale                  19:01.52

We are very proud of all participants, but especially of Assaad, a first time competitor who came within just under 4 minutes of our record time set by Nathaniel last year. A big thank you goes out to all participants and we look forward to the next year’s Long Smoke.



John with his prize for being first out: A jar of matches!


Kenny with his ounce for coming in 2nd Place


Our 2016 Champion: Assaad!

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