Pig Smoke Review – by Stephen Goss


1st Annual Pig Smoke


“God must be a cigar smoker!”

(The Memoirs of Don Cerdo Volador, Vol. 3, folio #6)


Whether you are a Darwinist and subscribe to The Big Bang Theory or a Creationist and believe God created the world in six days, one thing is for certain – the earth began to spin on its axis at some particular point and the earth began its diurnal trek around the sun and moon.  It is this cyclical aspect of life that allows us chop up time into days, weeks, months, years, decades, etc. and which prompts us to celebrate occasions (Eid, Easter, Hannukah –you get the picture) on a regular basis.  Last Sunday (June 8, 2014) can be considered the beginning of another tradition; i.e, the annual Burlington Pig Smoke.  Who knows, maybe this event celebrated by 50 local cigar (and roast pig) aficionados will someday be celebrated by thousands around the world!


All hyperbole aside, the 1st Pig Smoke (sponsored by Burlington-on-Whyte Tobacconists and kindly hosted by Burlington regulars Doug and Jacquie) was a huge success and will undoubtedly spur on the burghers of Burlington (I love alliteration) to make this an annual event.  What made the inaugural event so successful?


Attention to detail – Participants remarked on several occasions on how ‘professionally’ the event was organized.  They were referring to the ticketing process, the promotions, the helpful parking/security attendant, the big tent, the food and beverage service (no plastic plates and cutlery here) etc. etc.


The cigars – Each attendee received a “swag bag” filled with four featured cigars (an introductory Club, a Montecristo Petit #2, a Ramon Allones (Super Ramon) Canadian R.E. 2011, and a Punch Serie D’Or #2 Cuban R.E.).  Thoughtfully included in the swag bag were three drink tickets for two frosty craft-brewed beers and a welcome mojito, a double-guillotine cutter, and a door prize ticket.


The pig – A delicious meal (the menu would make anyone’s mouth water) was catered by Elizabethan Caterers.  The entire pig, apple-filled snout and all, was on full display and professionally carved for each individual.


The music – Bill Damur (another Burlington regular) and his musical group ‘The White Cats’ provided sublime music with a decidedly Cuban groove.


The Burlington Staff – Each suitably attired in red Cuban guayabera, the Burlington staff were welcoming, helpful and yet tastefully unobtrusive.


Door Prizes – A table full of tobacco-themed door prizes was carefully laid out.  These were kindly donated by Burlington suppliers (Havanna House, Primero) and were appreciated by the many lucky attendees whose names were drawn.  Yours truly was lucky enough to win a classy leather Siglo cigar case which I’m sure will get great use over the years.


All told, the perfect weather, the fine food and beverages, the camaraderie, and of course the superb cigars lead me to two dominant conclusions: Conclusion #1 – there will be a 2nd Annual Pig Smoke in 2015 and Conclusion #2 – Don Cerdo Volador is right – God has to be a cigar smoker!


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