Project X – Our new house cigar

Finally we are pleased to announce that we now have a house cigar! This is a particularly special blend that we have worked on for several years in conjunction with the rollers & blenders at Tabacalera A.Turrent in Mexico. These robusto-sized cigars consist of the following:

Wrapper: San Andres Banda Oscura
Binder: San Andres Banda Oscura
Filler: -San Andres Cuarta (made from hijos, the small leaves that grow in between the longer tobacco leaves)
-San Andres Morron Oscuro
-San Andres Morron Claro

Yes, this is one of the first cigars on the market that contains Latakia. The addition of the Latakia provides a smokey, yet smooth characteristic to flavour of the fillers.

These cigars are now available for $14.95 each.project x

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