Project X

Project X – A Hit!

        We would like to thank everyone who has tried our exclusive line of cigars – The Burlington Project X Robusto.

          The crazy idea behind this cigar occurred to me in 2008 while smoking one of the Erik Nording Cigars with Erik himself.  I am not sure if it was the beer, the camaraderie or something in the Danish air, but putting Latakia in a cigar suddenly struck both of us as something that needed to be tried.

          Fast forward several experimental years, looking for the right partner to bring our pipe dream to fruition, and (after testing many prototypes) a few hundred of our lucky customers were able to try one of the first batch. We started with an initial run of 500 cigars, which due to unforeseen enthusiasm has now sadly sold out.  We received this first batch in July 2015 and by the end of that month we knew we had something special.  Naturally we then released production of another 2000 of these unique cigars.  We expect to have the new Project X in country by the year’s end, so starting in 2016 they will become a permanent addition to our humidor, and hopefully yours.

          In addition to the Robusto we will be launching a trial of the Project X 6×60, a vitola utilizing the same dynamic blend we have come to love.  Late in 2016 we are considering developing the blend in a smaller Petite Corona format for days when time is a factor.

          The feedback on Project X has vastly exceeded our expectations.  Again many thanks to those of you who were prepared to “think outside the box” and follow us in this crazy experiment.  We will let you know as soon as they are back in stock.

          Meanwhile, Smoke and Enjoy!

Chris & The Burlington Boys

PS Check out the Project X beer (Yes, it uses Latakia as well) on tap at Beer Revolution this Friday (Oct. 16).

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