Sign the Petition Against Plain Packaging in Canada

The Federal Government is proposing Plain Packaging in Canada.  This costly measure will prove virtually useless in an already Blacked Out market and will affect both pricing and availability of YOUR FAVOURITE CIGARS and TOBACCO. Please sign and share this petition and let them know what you think.

Here is another link to voice your concerns to your representatives.




  1. Cal Robertson says

    This is the most useless piece of legislation that I can think of. The only persons that I can see this affecting is the retailer, and not in a good way. You cannot see the tobacco behind the counter in majority of all stores. And can only see the tobacco in speacitaly stores. There is no advertising, no publication of products in print. If this is a measure to stop people from know what a product is, this is just stupid. As a long time non smoker over 40 years the non smoking mentality has gone to far in my opnion. After not smoking for over 40 years I have just started smoking a pipe. Nothing in culture influnced my taken up smoking again. I just wanted to, After the long long influnce of IF YOU SMOKE YOU DIE Bull**** If someone is going to smoke nothing is going to stop them.

    • B.Tomsett says

      Hi there,

      Plain and Standardized Packaging is actually not meant to target the smoker really at all. It is to discourage a new generation of young people from being enticed into started. Tobacco companies spend millions developing new packages and designs. They all have a brand that targets young women with narrow packages that use wording like “thin” and use long, skinny cigarette. It is still the #1 killer in Canada. You would also be surprised to see that American Magazines such as Rollingstone, Sports Illustrated, etc all feature tobacco ads for cigars and chewing tobacco. Young men are even targeted with apps to show off their Sport Hunting. In the last 10 years, 86% of movies with smoking were rated for teens can young children (PG 14, PG and G) in Ontario so there are many ways the tobacco companies are able to impression young minds.

  2. Randy Heath says

    I’m tired of smokers being treated like second class citizens. Enough is enough. This argument should be over with now. It is an utter waste of resources.

    • B.Tomsett says

      Actually this initiative is about helping prevent a new generation from becoming addicted to the #1 killer in Canada.

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